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ASMET equals leading manufacturers of exhaust systems in technology and quality. Asmet products are made with help of the modern machine park, as well as specialist tools dedicated to exhaust systems technology. Production processes are developing al the time. The company continuously improves production methods and insert new technologies.

For the production of elements of exhaust systems, metal plates and steel pipes with aluminum on both sides are used (layer 120 g/m2) and partially from heat-resistant and stainless steel. Aside from metal sheets and pipes for the production of mufflers, a stunning agent is used. The company ASMET uses an aggregate of glass fiber - roving Silentex. This absorber characterizes in excellent properties of silencing sound, it is resistant to high temperatures and does not absorb condensate that settles in mufflers. Roving also has the advantage that it does not pollute the environment by exhausting fluids from the exhaust system to the atmosphere.


The main objective is to ensure that the homologated product you have bought is safe and fits for traffic in all countries of the European Union. Exhaust systems manufactured by us are tested in accredited certification laboratories TÜV Automotive in Germany. Received approval certificate issued by Motorization Institute, including German KBA, suggest that ASMET products meet all the requirements of noise level. Symbol of the country and homologation number must be embossed permanent on the homologated product.

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